Toyota Tacoma headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Toyota Tacoma headlights

Toyota Tacoma is a mid-sized pickup truck that has been produced by Toyota Motor Corporation since 1995. It's basically Toyota Hilux, modified for North America. The second generation of Tacoma was awarded Truck of the Year 2005 by the Motor Trend magazine.

The car has good equipment, regardless of trim level. It is complied with all measures to ensure an adequate level of safety. Ride at any distance will not be something heavy. All this is due to the quality of the acoustic system, air-conditioner and set of the climate control. Special attention is given to the ability to lock the rear axle and Toyota Tacoma headlights. The engine range is extensive.

It was greatly enhanced the safety of driver and passengers in the model version with double cabin. It is equipped with a new side and head cushions, which are applicable to both planting series.

Toyota Tacoma LED headlights, 2005-2011 Black HALO LED Projector.

Toyota Tacoma LED headlights

During the change of generations the designers of the pickup gave the new product a more modern look, not forgetting to mention that the new on the body of the pickup has all exterior body panels, headlamps with led daytime running lights and tail lights.

By the way, daytime running lights (DRL, DRL, Daytime Running Light) are specially designed to improve visibility of a moving vehicle in the daytime. This is an additional light source, which is installed in the front of the car. The middle light is designed to illuminate the road in the dark and is not intended to denote a car during the day. Dim light is arranged in such a way that it does not dazzle oncoming drivers. As for the DRL, its intended purpose is to identify the car during the day, and HID headlights are used at night to illuminate the road. DRL can act as auxiliary light, if the brightness is adjustable, enabling other light source.

Toyota Tacoma HID headlights, 2012-2015 Retrofitted Morimoto D2S H1 HID Projectors.

Toyota Tacoma HID headlights

So the designers of the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck combined "pleasant with useful" - they improved the regular lights, not only externally, but also added a useful option in the form of LED headlights daytime running that contributes to the bright appearance and increases road safety.

Toyota Tacoma JDM Black and Clear Projector Headlights.

Toyota Tacoma Black headlights

The weakest unit has a volume of 2.4 liters and capable of producing power equivalent to the power of 142 HP. The strongest motor is designed for 4 years at a nominal power — 236 HP There are also units with capacity of 2.7 and 3.4 l with a power capacity of 150 and 190 HP respectively.

Toyota Tacoma is a four seat pickup of mid size. The car debuted in 1995. The Toyota Tacoma was created on the base of the model of Toyota Hilux and replaced it on the market.

At the moment there are two generations of the model. Toyota Tacoma of first generation producers were offered with three power trains to choose from: a 2.4-liter ending with capacity of 144 HP, a 2.7-liter one with 152-horsepower (both four-cylinder) and a 3.4-liter one of V6 power and 193 HP. The car was equipped with both mechanical and automatic transmission. The actuator can be both front or rear, it depends on the buyer's choice.

It is worth noting that the Toyota engineers paid special attention to not cargo "abilities" of Tacoma, but its driveability and comfort. The pickup truck was very popular among American buyers. In 1998 and 2001, the model underwent restyling.

In 2004 at the motor show in Chicago they presented the Toyota Tacoma of the second generation. The car grew in size and became more powerful. Toyota had repeatedly stated that the new Tacoma would be able to compete with the Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Nissan Frontier. Manufacturers began to offer a new model in single, Queen and double cab versions. The single modification has convenient doors, and the double modification of the car comes with four doors.

Single and double modifications are equipped with comfortable bucket seats and the rear seats can accommodate five passengers. A single modification of the Tacoma has bucket seats, but they are able to carry only three passengers.